Timing ŠD Poljane
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About us:

Timing ŠD Poljane is a part of Športno društvo Poljane (Sports club Poljane) from Poljane near Škofja Loka, Slovenia and it origins from the skiing section of the club. The tradition of the organization of sports competitions in the club goes back for almost half a century. In the past our activities were focused on the organization of skiing competitions in the nearby skiing center Stari vrh. They were strongly supported by the numerous club membership and fuelled by the long tradition. Recently we have been spreading our activities to time measurement and result processing in other sports, mainly running and cycling. In the year 2005 we became the official timing of Gorenjski pokal v rekreativnih tekih (Recreation Runners Cup of the Gorenjska Region) which is sponsored by the Slovenian Olympic Comitee as a part of the action called Slovenija teče za zdravje (Slovenia Is Running For Health). In 2009 we have additionaly signed a contract with Tekaški pokal Primorskih novic (Runners Cup of Primorske novice Newspaper).

To get a better impression about our activities you can follow the link photographies.



For time measurement, data processing and skiing lane preparation we use proffesional equipment (computer programme Dirka, portable computers, timing devices Alge TdC 8001 and Alge TdC 4000, plasma diplay,...).



For any additional information please contact us via e-mail or call the number +386 41 368 928 (Aleš Šubic).